Canadian Trick Riding Association

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TRA Qualifier Details

A minimum of 5 Core Tricks will be required by each rider during the 3 head to head rounds. See "Judging" for a list of all the identified core tricks. The lowest scoring run from each round will automatically be thrown out. The remaining 4 runs are added together and the combined judges scores reveal the total for each round. After the completion of the final round the total combined scores will establish the winner in each Division. The rider that wins a Qualifier Division, money and prizes, must also meet the 1100 Point Threshold to be eligible for the North American Trick Riding Championships. Peewee’s have a reduced 800 Point Threshold for their Division. Should a rider not qualify, drop from the top ten rider’s scoreboard, or wish to enhance their score, they may enter as many future qualifiers as they wish.

Qualifiers held by the CTRA will not have a noncompetitive division due to time constraints. There will however be a noncompetitive category in the CTRA competition portion. The qualifier may also have the group act portion (this will be determined as a qualifier is set up). The CTRA supports and is working together with TRA hoping to foster the development of the sport of trick riding. The CTRA will help mentor and encourage all riders to trick ride to the best of their ability

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